Taj Mahal Curry House

Tikka Masala dishes

Chicken Tikka Masala €9

Lamb Tikka Masala €10

Prawn Tikka Masala  €11

King Prawn Tikka Masala €14,95

Vegetable Tikka Masala €7

Paneer Tikka Masala €7 


There are many stories as to the origin of this dish. The meat or fish is marinated in spices and yoghurt and are roasted in a Tandoor oven (this is the Tikka) but the meat is then served in a creamy tomato and coriander curry sauce.  It is served in restaurants all over the world. It has similarities to butter chicken, and some call it the first true fusion of different national cuisines. The Punjab, London, Birmingham and Glasgow have all claimed to be the birthplace of the dish.