Taj Mahal Curry House


Chicken Makkani €9
Lamb Makkani €10
Prawn Makkani €11 (contains shellfish)
King Prawn Makkani €14,95 (contains shellfish)
Vegetable Makkani €7
Paneer Makkani €7

The meat is marinated for several hours in a mixture of lemon juice, yogurt, Kashmiri red chili, salt, garam masala and ginger garlic paste and then cooked in a tandoor. It is served in a mild curry sauce that includes butter. The sauce is a tomato, garlic and ginger-based sauce that is simmered until smooth and much of the water has evaporated and sieved so that it is velvety smooth. Spices include cardamom, cumin, cloves, cinnamon, coriander, pepper, garam masala and fenugreek.